Wednesday, October 9, 2019

To Pink or Not To Pink

My Pink Perspective

Shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I started to hear about a controversy surrounding pink ribbons and other pink items associated with breast cancer awareness. Seriously?? This was now causing controversy??? 

I did a bit of research on the subject and determined that a lot of the debate stemmed from people feeling that those who purchased pink ribbons and other pink items were being exploited. They thought that some companies were using the ribbon to advertise their own products and to bolster their image in the process. I understand the concern, but I believe that initially, the pink ribbon was about giving women the courage to speak openly about their bodies, and their illness. Not about exploitation and profit. I also believe that, for the most part, that still holds true today.

I can only speak for myself, but I have gotten through many scary and sad days thanks to a lot of amazing women whom I'm proud to call my "Pink Sisters." I have also received some of the most beautiful, heartfelt gifts involving pink ribbons.

One of the complaints I have heard is that the ribbon stands for breast cancer "awareness," and that we are all aware that breast cancer exists. I personally believe the ribbon is drawing awareness to cancer patients themselves, and to the many things that we all need, especially a CURE!

Another complaint I heard from several survivors was that the pink ribbon is just a horrible reminder of what they went through in their personal battle against cancer. That may indeed be true for them. To me, however, the pink ribbon is much more of a reminder of the support and love I received from so many people while I was battling cancer.

I personally think it would be such a shame not to recognize that something as simple as wearing a pink ribbon, a pink shirt, etc....can mean so much to many of us cancer patients and survivors! 

Again-we each have a right to our own feelings and opinions on this matter. For myself, though, I will continue to embrace the pink. After all, I think I look pretty darn cute in pink!

Whatever your personal thoughts on the subject, I urge you to PLEASE use this month of "awareness" to remind yourself that you should NEVER put off that mammogram until a less busy time. 

Do YOU have an opinion on the subject that you would like to share?

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