What are they looking at??

I am currently working on becoming a runner again! I am doing some walk/runs and trying to incorporate more and more running into the mix!

I thought I would share some of my old race photos with you!

Before you take a look at the photos-YES, my hair DID change colors quite a bit! LOL!

Apparently, I run with my eyes closed??!!

Marilou and I before running around a frozen lake in Minnesota on New Year's Eve. Windchill was -27 degrees!

Me and Marilou at the start of The Heroes Madison Marathon-Madison, Wisconsin.

Crazy end to my marathon day in Wisconsin-I crossed the finish line, went out to eat and then ended up in the hospital for the next 24 hours. I found out that because of the unusually hot temperature that day and the fact that I kept drinking water and not taking in enough Gatorade or other sports drinks, I was suffering from Hyponatremia. When I went into the hospital, I had almost zero electrolytes in my system. After they had started pumping in fluids, a nurse came in and said that because they began to pump the fluids in much too quickly-I was having quite a bit of heart arrhythmia, and they were afraid I would have a heart attack, so they would need to keep me overnight!! WTH??? Anyway, I did get to go home the following day with instructions to ALWAYS drink some type of sports drink when running long distances!

Alex's first half-marathon-in the Hampton's!

Alex, Laurie and myself after the More Half-Marathon in NYC

Starting line of my last marathon. NYC 2015.

Some photos below from Paint Gwinnett Pink 5k-2017

Peachtree Road Race 2018-Pam, Nick, and Lyniece!

Pam's Pink Posse 2018

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